Why Thinning the Herd Can Be a Bad Idea

Larry Osborne: Jesus came to make the kingdom of God more accessible, not to impose stricter standards to exclude people.

Why the Opposite of Missional Is Not Attractional

"Mission and attraction are two positive forces which are like the inhaling and exhaling of a body. It takes both to breathe."

Can We Really Change the World?

Only God can fix the world; but as we fulfill our calling and carry God’s good news of salvation, healing and justice into the world, we become a very real part of changing it.

How to Start a Women’s Ministry – Philosophy First

"If you have ideas of how church can be, you can make them happen. Doors are wide open, obstacles are few."

Eugene Peterson: The Art of Pastoring

Eugene Peterson: "There’s probably no vocation in which you’re able to be yourself, with your whole self as a pastor."

Are You Ready for the Sunday After Easter?

With some pre-planning, you can improve your odds of getting back those Easter visitors.

Everyone Needs a Gandalf

"We need to model for the next generations this sense of discipleship as a lifelong journey."

If I Could Do One Thing Differently …

And other words of hard-earned wisdom from Outreach 100 pastors

How Can Women Lead in the Church?

“Lead with the confidence that comes from knowing you have humbly submitted yourself to God and that he has your back.”

Forward Thinking 2

Emerging leaders on the challenges and opportunities of the next decade. Part Two