Leaders, Stop Taking Your Brains for Granted

“We can’t ignore that our brains are inescapably connected to our spiritual experiences and ministry.”

Groundhog Day: The Church Service

In the movie, Phil Connors gets stuck in a repetitive time loop. Is that how your congregation feels on Sundays?

6 Things Business Teaches Us About Evangelism

"I grieve that the marketplace shows a little more creativity and tenacity than we do in the church. It doesn’t have to be this way."

Leadership and the Art of Humility

“Jesus was a man for others; as his disciples we live for others. Humility is living for others.”

21 Go-To New Testament Scriptures for Leaders

"These are the Scriptures I lean into. I pray they refuel your leadership tank as they do mine."

3 Keys to a Compelling Leadership Culture

"When others say your standards are too high, that's when they are just high enough."

6 Terrible Ways to Recruit Volunteers

Thom Rainer: "How you recruit ministry volunteers will make an incredible difference, for good or bad, in your church."

Leading in Uncharted Territory: The Future of Church Leadership

“Over the last 10 years I have had one church leader after another say to me: ‘Seminary didn’t train me for this.’”

4 Ways to Build a Leadership Development Culture

Bobby Gruenewald: “We believe the best way to develop leaders is to create an environment that fosters their growth.”

When to Question a Public Figure’s Religious Conversion

"Historically, preachers have been notorious for believing professions of newfound faith from people running for office."