“I Was Encouraged When …”

10 pastors of Outreach 100 churches share some of their most encouraging moments.

Dan Kimball: A Church of Many Pastors

"'Pastor' is a metaphor for someone who spiritually cares for people. I want to be a leader who makes sure pastoring happens."

Building a Healthy Team Culture

“A clear culture is like the white blood cell system of an organization and it gives you a better chance of self-correction.”

Church Change Without Compromise

“We must change our methods for shining God’s light into the world without changing the light itself.”

The Innovation Equation: Problems + Limitations = Innovation

Bobby Gruenewald: Our best ideas happen when we face real problems with constraints.

Designing Space for Mission

"We are called to dig postmodern wells where the Samaritan woman of today can get a drink and have a conversation."

Teams That Thrive and the Obstacles That Hinder Them

“Sure, efficiency is often useful, but great teams aren’t necessarily efficient. Rather, they are effective.”

What Really Makes a Good Idea Work?

"Go ahead and learn from the successes of others, but never assume that stealing an idea will give you the same results."

5 Values That Kept Me Focused

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Reflections of a Retired Megachurch Pastor

4 Ways to Beat Your Ministry Funk

It’s inevitable--we all go through ministry funks. Steven Furtick offers four tips on getting out of them.