Why You Should Record Your Testimony

7 reasons to video or audio record your testimony

I’m writing this article to encourage believers to audio or video record your Christian testimony for others. Given the technology available today, any of us can do it. Here’s why we should:

1. Doing so requires that you remember your life before meeting Christ, how you met Christ, and how He’s changed your life. It’s always good to think about what God has done. It’s even better to tell people what He’s done—and this strategy gives you opportunity to practice telling the story.

2. Nobody’s story is exactly like yours, and somebody needs to hear it. You are unique, and God called you to himself in whatever way he did. Only you can testify to that process in your life, but God will work through you to draw somebody to himself. Only he knows how he’ll use your story.

3. Your children and your grandchildren deserve to hear your story—and to have a recording of your telling it. Simply writing that story is a good start, but recording it is even better. The day will come when your loved ones long to hear your voice again, and they’ll be comforted by your recorded joy in Christ.

4. A recording gives you a simple way to tell others about Jesus. Even if you’re not inclined to do evangelism—and especially if fear stops you from doing it—sending someone a link to a recording is a step in the right direction. Even the most timid witness can email a link and invite someone to listen to his or her story.

5. Your church might make use of your recording. Maybe they’ll want to share it in a worship service or post it on their website (see this post for why we need to include testimonies in a service). You might want to share it with your small group, too. In any case, you’re now privileged to be a greater witness for Christ.

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6. Doing a recording will push you to evaluate your Christian walk. Whenever you tell the story of God’s grace in your life, doing so will either bless you or convict you. You’ll be blessed if your walk today is consistent; you’ll experience conviction if it’s not. Either response is good for you.

7. You’ll want to walk more closely with God when you’ve focused on His grace through Christ. It’s hard to consider how God saved us without wanting to turn from sin and rely more on him. In that sense, recording your testimony becomes your own call to continued growth in your relationship with God.

Again, I encourage you this week to record your testimony—and begin sharing it with others.

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This article originally appeared on ChuckLawless.com and is reposted here by permission.