Living Out the Bible

"Let's make sure we plead and pray for grace as we live out God's Word through our very lives."

The Surprise Ending of Resurrection

The Easter story is a vivid example that things aren't always as they seem.

Eucharist: Embracing the Mystery of Faith

Glenn Packiam reminds us there is one aspect of worship that transcends music or preaching: the feasting table.

Living a Gospel-Saturated Life

“What else might we do today that would be more significant than telling others that the God of the universe loves them and desires for them to know him and be saved from their sins forever?”

Are You Exhibiting Grace at Home?

Sharing the Gospel and extending grace elsewhere will be hard and inauthentic if you don’t start at home.

Steven Furtick: Don't Put Jesus First This Year

"Yes, you read that correctly. Before you label me a heretic, let me explain."

What Happens When You Ask God “What If?”

God delights for us to cup our hands in prayer in holy expectation that he will meet us in beautiful, mysterious ways.

The Epic Adventure of Gospel Multiplication

“We are instruments in the hand of God to see all things reconciled to God through Christ.”

Efrem Smith: The Multi-Ethnicity of Jesus

“In Christ Jesus, we are no longer red, yellow, brown, black, and white. … We are freed from false identities, but we retain the gift of our true identities of ethnicity and nationality.”

Turning Laypeople Into Lay Ministers – Part 2

Tim Keller discusses preparing and equipping the people of the church to live missionally.