The Parable of the Church Planter

"The church planted with good dirt hears God’s calling with a noble heart, keeps the mission in focus and bears much fruit."

5 Things That Are More Important Than Talent

"Your talents aren’t enough to do what God has asked of you. If they were, then you wouldn’t need God."

J.D. Greear: Church Planting and the Call to Send

“We need people to go, but we also need people to stay for the specific purpose of raising up others to send.”

10 Deadly Church Planting Mistakes

"These church planting mistakes are common, and are often major contributing factors to a plant failing within three years."

Church Planting: 4 Reasons to Launch Large

"Launching large is one of the most effective strategies to fulfill the Great Commission."

5 Future Trends in Church Planting

Ed Stetzer: "With culture changing at the speed of light, planters cannot be over-aware of the trends new churches will face."

Incarnational Ministry: A Kingdom of Harlots

Hugh Halter: "I wonder if we spend too much time condemning people who don’t live as 'clean' as we think they should."

A Difficult but Important Truth About Church Planting

"Your ability to do the work to which God has called you depends on your ability and commitment to persevere."

Church Planting in a Secular Society: Two Approaches

Ed Stetzer: How do you plant churches in a secular society?

8 Characteristics of the New Bivocational Pastor

Thom Rainer: "The new bivocational pastor is similar to the traditional bivocational pastor with some key differences."