Churches Stuck in a Bubble — And Don’t Go

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, I encourage you to get my free e-book, Lord, I’m Caught in the Bubble available here from Church Answers. In one section of that book, I talk about why pastors particularly get caught in the bubble. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. The enemy and his forces want us stuck in the bubble. In fact, he tries to convince us that it’s the right place to be. After all, we’re called to pastor the church . . . and who wants to risk being influenced by the world? The battle to move outside the bubble is a spiritual one.
  2. Our churches schedule so many church events that we have no time left to be among non-believers. And, we almost dare people to miss those events—certainly not to be with unchurched people! There’s nothing especially godly about calendars that are filled with only Christian events.
  3. Some of us are afraid to be outside the bubble. I understand that reasoning in some cases; vulnerable believers need to be careful and wise in determining what they do and where they go. On the other hand, it’s possible to get outside the bubble without putting ourselves in risky situations.
  4. The needs of our churches are great. We’re shepherding real people with real problems. The work can be never-ending, leaving little time for getting outside the church.
  5. Many congregations have unrealistic expectations. Whatever their reasoning, too many congregations criticize pastors who aren’t at every event, who aren’t available to meet every need, and who spend too much time outside the church. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay in the bubble.
  6. It’s just uncomfortable to be outside the bubble. Honestly, it’s just easier to hang out with other believers who think like we do, talk like we do, and act like we do. Outside the bubble is a different world. 
  7. We’re not burdened like we should be about lost people. Perhaps . . . maybe . . . this is our greatest issue. People who are convinced of lostness, eternal judgment, and the forgiving love of God will figure out how to get outside the bubble. It may not be easy, but concern will compel them outward.

What are your thoughts about the bubble?

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Chuck Lawless
Chuck Lawless

Chuck Lawless is dean and vice president of graduate studies and ministry centers at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and global theological education consultant for the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.