Tag: Evangelical Covenant Church

E Pluribus Unum?

God delights in our diversity and calls us to pursue reconciliation wherever needed.

Colorful Compassion

What Jesus praised as the very paragon of love is compassion across boundaries of difference.

Discipleship as Inner Healing

We who lead would do well to regularly pursue healing. We are disciples of Jesus before we are leaders of people.

Privileged to Bless

5 Simple Missional Practices

Critical Evangelism Theory

“When we pursue diversity and dismantle racism in the name of Jesus Christ, we can inspire a Spirit-empowered disciple-making movement.”

Whole-Life Apologetics

“Jesus and the apostles addressed people’s head questions with their words, but they addressed people’s heart questions with their lives.”

Wide Awake

Deep change cannot be effectively pursued without deep consciousness and deep understanding of the world as it actually is.

Rediscovering Lament

In the midst of our pain, God invites us to respond with lament.