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A Return to Youth Ministry

I believe that youth ministry is perhaps the most important ministry of the church.

The Blessing of Constraints

God fully knew the pandemic was happening when he led us to plan to launch new congregations.

Craft a Vision for Church Planting

In a culture awash in loneliness and isolation, the prospect of meaningful, kingdom-centered relationships centered on mission is a powerful vision.

3 Reasons Networking Is Core to Church Planting

In the next five years at the current rate there will be over 13,000 churches who have a vision to do something that has movement-making potential—start a multiplying network.

Will Web 3.0 Change the Way We Do Church?

Web 3.0 is integration and immersion into real and virtual realms, emphasizing digital relationships that can be as impactful as physical ones.

4 Mirror-Image Mistakes

Jesus wants us to serve and rejoice more in what he has done for us than in what we do for him.

Find a Friend

The simple truth is that every leader needs a friend. They need someone who will come alongside and encourage them, whether they are at the top of their game or even when they have committed a major misstep.

Colorful Compassion

What Jesus praised as the very paragon of love is compassion across boundaries of difference.