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4 Practical Steps for Recruiting a Church Plant Team

The idea of forming a church planting team seems daunting at first, but here are some simple steps that will keep you on track.

We Have Dual Citizenship

An ambassador’s job is to promote the welfare of the land to which they belong and act in the interests and priorities of the country they represent. Christians represent the Kingdom of God while living in this land.

Are You Sharing the One Story?

If we just take the Bible in isolated parts, we miss the flow of God. And the flow is important to understanding that the Gospel isn’t just a group of ideas.

9 Obstacles When Planting a Church

Like any movement, challenges exist that threaten the vitality and longevity of church planting. We must consider how to address them.

Ukrainian Christians Keep Sharing the Love of Jesus

When I asked Ukrainian Christian leaders what they would want American Christians to know and to do, they consistently pleaded with me: “Tell Americans to stop believing Russian propaganda about the war.”

Ed Stetzer: A Higher Allegiance

There is no promise that this American experiment will last forever. Only the kingdom of God will last forever.

To All Graduates

Graduation at any level is an important time of new beginnings and excitement. But high school graduates face the unique transition into autonomy and self-discovery.

20 Things I Learned From ‘Attentive Church Leadership’

“The well-defined leader continuously pursues internal alignment, embracing their true self before God. They allow the Lord to define who they are more than the expectations of individuals or the apparent successes or failures of any organization.” -Kevin Ford and Jim Singleton