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After Easter, Now What?

The season after Easter is a great time to launch a new small group series or a new Bible study plan, and of course, to launch an outreach project for the church to join and make a major impact.

Free Easter Guidebook Available for Download

Easter Playbook is a short PDF that offers a wealth of ideas and information about reaching your community, welcoming guests, and keeping them engaged with your church.

Plan Now for a Post-Easter Review

The work isn’t done when the services are over.

Declutter Your Soul to Make Room for Grace

Why the season of Lent is spring-cleaning for the soul.

Reflections on Easter and the Church

4 observations on Christ’s love and care for his church

Plan Now for an Easter Sermon Series

All of your Easter outreach needs are met in one kit.

Timothy Keller: Becoming Stewards of Hope—Part 1

“Hope can set us free from both the despair of nihilism and the naivety of utopianism.”

Timothy Keller: Experiencing the Reality of God’s Presence—Part 2

“A hopeful church is a church that comes around people experiencing tragedy and gives themselves away for those people.”