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For Those with Ears to Hear

As God begins to speak with you about your future, understand that it will take time to achieve clarity. Understand that you did not get into your current season of in-between overnight, and no silver prayer bullet or program will lead you out.

How Do I Discover God’s Plan for My Life?

As much as I would like to say there is an easy step-by-step approach to finding that answer, there simply is not. However, I do believe there are a few ways that God has revealed His plans in my own life.

How to Discern the Will of God

Here are a few straightforward principles from George Mueller for determining what God's will is in a given situation.

How to Know When God Is Speaking

God's voice is sometimes hard to discern, but these three filters help me to know when what I'm hearing is from God.

Let God Speak, Just Listen

"When it comes to prayer, the most important part isn’t speaking. It’s listening!"