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Outreach Requires Knowing Your Church and Your City

Multiplication is the most exhilarating opportunity in life, period. Nothing better expresses the creative genius of bearing God’s image.

3 Ways to Redeem the Local Church

Three ways you can redeem the local church are to redeem the vision, space, and community connection.

Creating a Positive Guest Experience

Ensure the message the church shares on its website, social media pages, and in-person equals the experience guests will encounter when they arrive.

Baby Basics

For years, families have turned to St. Paul United Methodist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for help with necessities. As the church worked to meet their needs, Rev. Steve Poarch noticed that these families also were in need of diapers.

3 Steps to Move Into Deeper Church Community

We need to continue to press in toward being churches that not only care for our members, but carry each other's burdens.

Why Wisdom Comes Through Community

It matters who we surrounded ourselves with.

Where Everybody Knows Somebody

Why you should think of your church as a community of communities.

A Hunger for Community

In a season that has made staying connected harder, we need to equip our people to keep cultivating relationships.