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Moving Forward with Little Steps

Push through these doubt moments by leaning on God to guide you as you share through your fear the faith you have in leaning into this new phase of the church.

The Distraction of Decline

When we think our issue is decline or lack of resources, our discussions are usually not about God and how he moves.

What I’ve Observed Over 20 Years of Church Consulting

12 insights for churches seeking to grow

What TO DO When a Church Is in Decline

7 suggestions for church revitalization

What NOT to Do When a Church Is in Decline

The hardest lesson a church needs to learn in a period of decline is often not what they should do, but what they shouldn’t.

7 Things TO DO When a Church Is in Decline

Here are some ways to respond when a church is on a downward trend.

Letting Go of a Defeatist Theology

We can't give in to a fatalistic acceptance of church decline.

Hopeful Signs for Declining Churches

Here are things I've seen in churches that have been able to reverse their decline.