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Outreach Resources of the Year: Church

Here you will discover valuable tools that belong on your bookshelf. You will reach for them time and again as they enhance your effectiveness in ministry through the years.

5 Ways to Create an Amazing Guest Experience

When it comes to attending something as social as a church, visitors can feel especially vulnerable, so I teach church planters that they, too, must reduce guest anxiety.

Reflections on Easter and the Church

4 observations on Christ’s love and care for his church

Leading a Church During Times of Inflation

In any season, the proper stewardship of a church or ministry's finances can make or break that organization. However, during times of economic inflation, your congregation and church can be impacted in unique ways.

The Who, Why and Where of Your Ministry

In times of discouragement, remember your call.

5 Critical Issues to Address With the Church Body

Many of these issues may seem obvious, but how often have we truly addressed them with the aim of equipping our people?

How the Past Year Will Alter Onsite Gatherings in the Future

How physical gatherings will be forever changed

Outreach Resources of the Year: Church

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