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Which Younger Generation Is More Likely to Walk Into Your Church?

While almost a third of this younger generation does not claim a particular religion (the “nones”), they attend religious services at a slightly higher rate than their Millennial and Gen X parents.

Thoughts on the Rising Number of Once-a-Month Churchgoers

Three realities of the increasing percentage of infrequent attenders

Research: U.S. Church Attendees Plan to Return Post-Pandemic

When COVID-19 is no longer an active threat to people’s health, 91% plan to attend in-person worship services at least as often as they did before the coronavirus pandemic. That includes almost a quarter (23%) who plan to attend more than they did previously.

How In-Person Church Attendance Will Change in the Future

5 ways physical church attendance will be different in the coming years

Study: Most Churches Have Not Returned to Pre-Pandemic Attendance Levels

One in 10 churches (9%) say their attendance in September was less than 30% of what it was in February before the pandemic spread to the U.S. Another 20% say attendance was between 30% and less than 50% of what it was.

1 in 3 Practicing Christians Is Still and Only Attending Their Pre-COVID Church

Recently, Barna Group revealed findings about “The New Sunday Morning,” highlighting trends in church attendance and engagement since the nation’s response to COVID-19 began...

What Will Church Attendance Look Like in the Future?

Here are 10 big questions driven by church attendance trends, geared to help you find a solution.