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Following a Dangerous (But Good) God

Jesus never promised us safety if we follow him, but his will is good.

What Is Your Nineveh?

God may not be sending you overseas to reach extremists, but he may be sending you to reach the "unreachable" in your sphere of influence.

What Is Your Life Teaching Your Kids?

Most of the lessons our kids learn come through casual observation.

How Can We Best Love the Muslims in Our Communities?

The majority of things Muslims are thinking about are the same things Christians are thinking about.

Do Christians Make Good Neighbors?

How are we treating those different than we are?

4 Things I Learned Pastoring in the Wake of a Disaster

What I learned in the aftermath of the recent EF3 tornado in Chattanooga

3 Ways to Follow Christ This School Year

The rhythms of the school year present challenges for a lifestyle of faith. Here are ways to live it out.

Common Myths About Pastors

Do you recognize these three frequent misperceptions of the pastoral role?