Tag: Amplifying Evangelism

Helping Your Non-Christian Friends Hear God’s Voice

James Choung: "One word from God is worth a thousand sermons."

How to Boost Evangelism by Modifying Your Existing Ministries

Kevin Harney: "Here are three examples that will bring this idea alive … and inspire you to do the same at your church."

Evangelism Is Better Caught Than Taught

"Whether you are a busy pastor or a busy leader in your church, you can live what you lead in the area of outreach."

The Changing Face of Evangelism

Two critical ways evangelism can adapt to cultural shifts.

One Way to Amplify Your Gospel Witness

Kevin Harney: "If we are going to bear the good news of Jesus to a world deeply in need of his love, we need to unplug."

A Return to Promiscuous Evangelism

Ed Stetzer: "This might be the only time I’ll write about the benefits of being promiscuous."

Why ‘Professional Evangelism’ Is Hurting the Church

Ed Stetzer: "No one has the 'gift' of evangelism. However, everyone has the responsibility to evangelize!"

3 Ways to Keep Your Church Focused on Evangelism

Ed Stetzer: "Keeping a church focused on evangelism is similar to running a marathon."