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Alan Briggs: Practical or Spiritual?

I found myself getting swallowed by the practical and what I considered “unspiritual” tasks. Somehow I never got to the good things. I was doing subpar work, and it was wearing me down.

Alan Briggs: The Need to Return

It’s time to exit the survival mode and reconnect.

The Power of Hospitality

6 ways to make your home a blessing to others.

The Power of Naming Your Struggles

“We can't make progress until we make sense.”

Check Your Speed

A lot of leaders are running at a faster and harder pace than their teams or congregations can match, which could create more issues than it solves.

Leading From Abundance

Cultivating Sustainability and Longevity as a Leader

Remember Who You Are

“If we want a new, healthier future, we are going to have to measure and cultivate new and healthy things.”

Limitation Breeds Innovation

The limits are high right now, but so are the possibilities.