Tag: Alan Briggs

Roots Before Fruit

“Our identity as daughters and sons is more important than our impact as leaders.”

Finding Clarity

“Activity is not the same as productivity. We need to figure out what the right things are.”

Alan Briggs: Is Bigger Actually Better?

A larger church can have a bigger impact, but that isn’t a given. So, is having a larger church really better?

Alan Briggs: The Paralysis of Perfection

Lately I’ve been noticing two competing ideas in organizations: creativity and excellence. Of course, we need innovative solutions to problems. Count me in for more creativity. It’s the excellence piece that can trip us up.

Your Greatest Opportunities as a Leader

Most teams and churches are doing too many things, resulting in scattered focus on subpar results. Eliminating opportunities that are draining will naturally create focus and channel resources toward the best opportunities.

Staying True to Your Calling

"Scanning what other churches are doing can be helpful, but it can also derail you from your calling."

Alan Briggs: We Get Back Up

It never gets old to watch leaders formed and shaped in the painful, yet necessary, crucible of struggle and come out the other side more resilient.

Alan Briggs: Practical or Spiritual?

I found myself getting swallowed by the practical and what I considered “unspiritual” tasks. Somehow I never got to the good things. I was doing subpar work, and it was wearing me down.