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After Easter, Now What?

The season after Easter is a great time to launch a new small group series or a new Bible study plan, and of course, to launch an outreach project for the church to join and make a major impact.

What Are You Focusing on After Easter?

The real point of how many guests we all have at Easter isn’t about the size of our churches, its about the potential strength of the Body of Christ.

Add a Personal Touch to Post-Easter Connection

I suspect more of us need to prepare for these kinds of conversations if we want to reach others. Don’t wait until next Easter to do this kind of study.

Remember — Jesus Is Alive!

No matter what happens in this life, no matter what job we lose, no matter what relationship ends, no matter how many people turn their back on us, we are not forgotten. Jesus has taken up our case.

The Week After Easter

When you lead a church, you can’t help but dream—and dream big. I think that’s one of the marks of a leader. But for most, it’s not long before the dream comes face to face with reality.

What’s Next? After-Easter Ideas

Take time for reflection after your Easter services.