How Churches View Today’s Economy

LifeWay: Today, 45 percent of pastors see the economy as benefiting their church, while 35 percent say it is having no impact.

Pastors See Economic Turnaround in 2018 Giving

Eight in 10 Protestant pastors say the total offerings at their church this year are at or above last year’s levels.

Survey: Christians Set the Bar High in the Workplace

Barna Group: Most employed Christians want to do good in their places of work—but not always in a way that stands out.

The More You Care, the More You Care

Barna Group: Caring about global poverty means caring about other issues.

What Does Americans’ Theology Really Look Like?

Because the majority of Americans believe religious belief is more personal opinion than objective truth, beliefs will change over time.

What Pastors Like Most About Their Ministries

Here's how pastors responded to my informal social media poll asking them about their favorite role.

A New Look at Gen Z and Morality

Barna: One-quarter of Gen Z (24 percent) strongly agrees that what is morally right and wrong changes over time.

Half of Protestant Pastors Approve of Trump’s Job Performance

LifeWay Research: Pastors appear hesitant to identify with either of the political sides that have emerged in American politics.

How Are We Addressing Sexual and Domestic Abuse in the Church?

LifeWay Research: Three-quarters of pastors (77 percent) say they speak about domestic violence at least once a year.

Pastors Addressing #MeToo, Research Shows

LifeWay Research: The #MeToo movement—and more public discussion of sexual and domestic violence—seems to have gotten pastors’ attention.