Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Aids South Carolina Flood Victims

Volunteers from 15 states rally together for restoration efforts after Hurricane Joaquin.

Evangelism: When Life Happens

Hugh Halter: "If we don’t know somebody’s story we’re not going to know how to embed the gospel in a way that will make sense."

Changing How We Change the World

"Ending extreme poverty is possible, but it must be tackled from the bottom up—with, not for, the people affected most."

Are Christians More Generous Than the General Population?

National survey measures the impact of faith on generosity and money management.

It’s Official: Anti-Christian Persecution Is on the Rise

Persecution of Christians worldwide has been increasing at an alarming rate, according to two major reports.

A Wedding Banquet for the Homeless

In the News: A contemporary take on a timeless parable.

The Outer Limits of Pain, Loss and Suffering: 6 Ways to Comfort People With...

Too many Christians are quick to give a flippant and often dishonest answer to the question, “How are you doing?”

Designing Space for Mission

"We are called to dig postmodern wells where the Samaritan woman of today can get a drink and have a conversation."

9 Things That Have Replaced Traditional Outreach

The bad news is that fewer and fewer churches are highly intentional about reaching their immediate community.

The Danger of Complexity in Outreach

Steven Furtick: "If you’re going to err, err on the side of simply giving people Jesus."