What Can the Trinity Teach Us About Evangelism?

"Trust is crucial. If we’re going to share our faith with integrity, we have to stand on a foundation of trust."

6 Terrible Ways to Recruit Volunteers

Thom Rainer: "How you recruit ministry volunteers will make an incredible difference, for good or bad, in your church."

5 Things Megachurches Get Right

Phil Cooke: "Size doesn’t make for bad experiences—people do. And I have yet to find a church without people."

Jesus in the Workplace: How Faith Mixes With Work—Part 1

Ed Stetzer: "When we begin to see our jobs as critical to God’s plan for our lives, the gospel can be preached more robustly."

Jesus in the Workplace: How Faith Mixes With Work—Part 2

Ed Stetzer: "Many people look to Christian education as a way to guard their children and to isolate them from secular ideologies."

Leading in Uncharted Territory: The Future of Church Leadership

“Over the last 10 years I have had one church leader after another say to me: ‘Seminary didn’t train me for this.’”

Justice According to Jesus

Rich Stearns: "To see that justice is done today means working against our passivity."

5 Ways Your Church Can Help Louisiana Flood Victims

Some opportunities for you and your church to jump in and help those who have been affected by the floods in Louisiana.

4 Ways to Build a Leadership Development Culture

Bobby Gruenewald: “We believe the best way to develop leaders is to create an environment that fosters their growth.”

3 Ways to Disagree With Nonbelievers

"We should desire real discourse for the good of the causes we believe in and for the good of the world that we care to convince."