Tim Keller: A Vision to Reach the City

“Per capita, the cities are really underchurched, and they’re getting more underchurched all the time.”

Max Lucado: The Biggest Mistake People Make About Grace

The definition of grace, the pitfalls of legalism, and cultivating environments of grace in our ministries.

Jo Saxton: Launching Women Into Missional Leadership

“For women who feel called to ministry in the context of church, I want to be sure we are giving them an opportunity to grow and try and fail and succeed.”

Andy Stanley: Catalyst for Growth

“You do the right thing, and you trust God with the consequences. Period. It’s just that simple.”

Justin Davis: My First Affair Was with the Church

Church planters Justin and Trisha Davis talk about the near death and resurrection of their marriage—and ministry.

Dave Ferguson: A Vision for Reproducing Churches

“Reproducing is about leader readiness, not about size. If the Holy Spirit’s prompting you to move to this place or do this thing, let’s do it.”

Samuel Rodriguez: The Latino Challenge

“Any outreach to the Hispanic community must be intentional and institutionalized. It can’t be tokenistic.”

Chris Hodges: Great Commission Leadership

“[God] is not trying to build a large institution on earth; He’s trying to rescue people for eternity’s sake.”

Derwin Gray: Simply Evangelism

“If we as followers of Christ are overwhelmed by what Jesus has done, and the benefits of His grace transform our lives, then sharing our faith should be natural.”

Ken Fong: Leading a Multiethnic, Multigenerational Church

“We never get tired of telling the end of [God’s] story, and how we’re choosing to live today is a preview of the end of the story.”