Idea Starter: Leave a Light On

Make your church the light people see at night

Idea Starter: Equip Your Church to Talk Christ With Nonbelievers

Several different curricula make apologetics training free and easy

Idea Starter: Run for Charity

Plan a 5K for a cause or support runners with water and snacks at someone else's

Try This: Invite the Community to Be Healthy

Focus on health from a biblical perspective at a healthy living expo.

Idea Starter: Have Church Business Cards Printed

Ask church members to distribute business cards for the church around the neighborhood and with unchurched friends and acquaintances

Idea Starter: Make Newcomers Feel Genuinely Welcome

Try a handwritten note, a phone call or a personally delivered pie to thank them for their visit

Idea Starter: Don't Embarrass Your Visitors Who Arrive Late

Keep congregants from filling up back pews first by directing them to the front of the church first

Try This: Buy a Stranger’s Morning Newspaper

Purchase a rack's worth of papers at a convenience store.

Idea Starter: Take Small Groups Into the Public Sphere

Asking small groups to meet in public spaces increases your church's exposure and makes attending small groups more interesting

Try This: Give a Sick Child the Chance to Give to Others

Ask your local children's hospital if your church can run a "mobile store" where hospitalized children can "shop" for gifts for family.