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Born Again

Tim found the God of love who revealed himself in Jesus Christ and his Word. No longer would he presume to judge God. Now he would follow the God who is just and at the same time is the one who justifies sinners.

Collin Hansen

This is the story of the people, the books, the lectures, and ultimately the God who formed Timothy Keller.

Watch Yourself

We should assume that we are more resentful and less forgiving and more controlled by what people have done to us than we think we are.

Tim Keller: More Than Being Right

There are a lot of churches that have started or have grown through anger. The problem is churches that start on the basis of what they’re opposed to don’t last.

Getting Political

We do not have the luxury of remaining silent in matters of politics, but we must use caution in the ways we engage.

Timothy Keller: Becoming Stewards of Hope—Part 1

“Hope can set us free from both the despair of nihilism and the naivety of utopianism.”

Timothy Keller: Experiencing the Reality of God’s Presence—Part 2

“A hopeful church is a church that comes around people experiencing tragedy and gives themselves away for those people.”