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To Revitalize or to Replant?

Should some churches seeking revitalization think about replanting instead?

Why Churches Close Their Doors—For Good

The majority of American churches were in decline prior to the pandemic. COVID accelerated and exacerbated the decline. Dying churches are in denial. Their leaders and members simply do not realize how little time is left before they must close their church.

How to Wound Your Pastor

A number of pastors said that they get complaints about something they did or did not do, and they have no idea when or if this alleged offense took place.

Which Weekends Have the Lowest Attendance?

Hunting and fishing season can adversely affect church attendance. Deer season was mentioned most frequently.

One Surprising Cause for Declining Church Numbers

There are two alarming data points in our studies. First, churches are rapidly abandoning evangelism. Second, church members are steadily denying the essentials of the Christian faith.

10 Things You Need to Know About Future Church

With the increase of remote work and digital communications, the yearning for in-person connections is growing. The church is the place such connections are meant to take place.

How Committed Are You to the Local Church?

God gave us the local church as his plan A for his mission on earth, and he did not give us a plan B. The local church is just that important.

How Can You Support Your Tired Pastor?

Don’t ask your pastor to make every decision. Most pastors are “decision weary.” Unless the issue is critical, see if you can find solutions other than going to the pastor with the problem or need.