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5 Social Media Guidelines for Pastors and Church Staff

Lessons I've learned from others' and my own mistakes

As Leaders Get Older

According to the research by the Faith Communities Study, the average age of a pastor is 57 years old compared to 50 years old in 2000.

Have You Lost Confidence As a Leader?

It is time for major leadership adjustments among pastors. These changes are not a sign of poor leadership; they are signs of needed leadership changes.

3 Things to Learn About Sharing Jesus

Develop relationships. Get to know unbelievers. Show Christ in your life and lifestyle. But don’t forget that the gospel message has words. Tell them about Jesus.

What God Did in a Small Church, in a Small Town

You must hear what God has done in that church in that small town.

The Case for Church Membership

You are but one part of a greater whole, but your part is vital for the overall health of a church. Read again 1 Corinthians 12. Look specifically at verse 27: “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it” (ESV).

Expect New Obstacles in This Post-Pandemic Phase

The challenges can seem insurmountable. The pace of change can seem unbearable. But we serve a God who is with us always.

Warning: Churches Talk About Everything But Evangelism

Evangelism is dead or dying in most American churches. Perhaps God is awakening you and your church to reverse this reality in his power.