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The Power of Hospitality

6 ways to make your home a blessing to others.

Can We Get a Do-Over?

"Taking time to name what you experienced last year is a worthy investment."

Stop Trying to Win

"Navigating this moment and the coming seasons with wisdom will require more than changing our perspective; we need to change our paradigms."

Avoiding the Comparison Trap

It is hard to lead a small church or a young church. Perhaps it is even more challenging today than it once was. Church...

Alan Briggs: Church Culture Audit

What is your church known for?

Alan Briggs: Expectation Overload

Identifying your limits is crucial for any leader in this age.

Alan Briggs: Out of Isolation

Loneliness is a feeling, but isolation is a choice.

Avoiding the On-Ramps to Burnout

It’s a daunting task, leading the church. Perhaps the greater challenge is leading ourselves.