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Access for All

Wanting to grow a special needs ministry beyond just a church class, in 2013, Roseman started offering monthly outings for adults and teens with special needs.

Dinner With Special Friends

Manley Baptist Church now has a robust special needs ministry called Special Friends, and offers three Sunday school classes for those people with special needs—one for children, one for adults and a third for parents of children with special needs.

How to Make Your Church Welcoming to Special-Needs Families

4 steps churches can take to become more inviting to people with disabilities

4 Tools the Pandemic Has Uncovered for Special-Needs Ministry

For my family, social isolation isn’t much different from normal life. Because of my son’s social anxiety related to his autism, drive-throughs are our...

Showing Honor to the Overlooked

From the beginning, Christianity has stood out for the honor it shows all people.

10 Things You Should Know About Discipling People With Special Needs

Adults and children with special needs are an essential part of the church. Here are things to keep in mind when discipling a special needs person.

A 5-Step Process for Welcoming Children With Special Needs in Your Church

"Take the next step. Make this a conversation in your next staff or volunteer meeting."