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The Case for Small Groups

You can’t build community by way of programming, but you can use a program to create a pathway through which community can happen.

John K. Jenkins Sr.: Wisdom From a Life of Ministry

The kingdom of God is made up of failed people who make mistakes. We should put our trust in the principles of Scripture, in the teachings of God.

Research Reveals Importance of Small Groups, Evangelism, Assimilation for Church Growth

On average, Protestant churches say 44% of their current weekend worship attendees are involved in a small group, Sunday School or similar group, indicating a decline in average small group attendance since 2010 (49%).

Why It’s Vital to Study Scripture in a Group

Regularly studying Scripture together is an important community rhythm we often neglect.

Where Everybody Knows Somebody

Why you should think of your church as a community of communities.

How to Involve Your Small Groups in the Great Commission

Your church will only be as healthy as its small groups are.

5 Evangelism Tips for Your Small Group

Simple and quick exercises added to small-group meetings can encourage people to take their faith stories into the community.

Why Now Is the Time to Launch New Small Groups

The Many Benefits of Starting Groups