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Rick Richardson: You Found Me

New Research on How Unchurched Nones, Millennials, and Irreligious Are Surprisingly Open to Christian Faith

Chicken Little Syndrome and the Church

We have bought into myths that hinder our witness and keep us passive and fearful about sharing our faith.

5 Ways to Elevate Evangelism

Evangelism often gets short shrift in the church. Here's how to discover and equip the latent evangelists in your midst.

The Divorce and Remarriage of Evangelism and Discipleship

Jesus seamlessly blended evangelism and discipleship and we need to equip each other to do the same.

Evangelism in Leadership: As Easy as 5 Simple Steps

“If we are not missional in our daily lives, our people will not be missional, either. We cannot lead what we are not living.”

What Is Your Evangelism Question?

"The big narrative and the historical core—you can’t understand one without the other."

6 Reasons America’s Top Evangelism Churches Are Reaching the Unchurched

“If you want to see more people coming to Christ, the answer is not just finding the silver-bullet program.”

BLESS: A 5-Step Path to Relational Evangelism

"For the formerly unchurched, relationships played a part in 57 percent of the decisions to return to the church."