Luke Lezon: Trusting the God Who Creates From Dust

Image result for your mess mattersYour Mess Matters: Trusting the God Who Creates From Dust and Redeems by Blood
(Zondervan, 2019)

WHO: Luke Lezon, one of the leaders of The Alternative in Atlanta.

HE SAYS: “God doesn’t work around messes in your life; He works in them.”

THE BIG IDEA: God redeems your life to be more beautiful than ever before.

In nine chapters, the author shares personal stories and biblical truths to help readers trust God with their mess and watch to see how He works through their greatest regrets.

“As intimidating and devastating as the messiness of life can be, it is nothing compared with the confidence and security you can feel in knowing that your mess matters to God, and nothing can stand against the wonders of his power and grace.”

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Luke Lezon
Luke Lezon

Luke Lezon is is a teaching and young adults pastor at Lifebridge Church in Orlando, Florida, where he leads the young adult movement, Quay. He is the author of the book Your Mess Matters (Zondervan).