Dave Donaldson and Wendell Vinson: CityServe

(Salubris Resources, 2019)

WHO: Dave Donaldson, co-founder and chairman of CityServe International; and Wendell Vinson, pastor of Canyon Hills Assembly of God Church in Bakersfield, California, and co-founder of CityServe International.

THEY SAY: “There’s a wealth of church-based compassion solutions to civic and societal problems that remains isolated, and sometimes, lost because a pipeline to discover and share these models doesn’t exist.”

THE BIG IDEA: Communities can be transformed as church leaders are equipped with proven leadership principles and best practices from industry-leading professionals. This will help believers compassionately live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities

This book, written by 40 leaders in community-based and global compassion, is divided into seven parts that cover knowing your community, church-based compassion models, marketing and funding, and more. Contributors include Scott Wilson, Rick Bezet, Marvin Olasky, Steve Haas and Sharen Ford. Topics range from leadership to community-based programs to government funding. Additional downloadable resources are available at CityServe.us.

“God has ordained for you to occupy a seat at the table of influence to bring spiritual and physical renewal to your community.”

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Dave Donaldson and Wendell Vinson
Dave Donaldson and Wendell Vinsonhttps://cityserve.us/

Dave Donaldson is co-founder and chairman of CityServe International

Wendell Vinson is pastor of Canyon Hills Assembly of God Church in Bakersfield, California, and co-founder of CityServe International.