Jason K. Allen: Sola

How the Five Solas Are Still Reforming the Church

(Moody Publishers, 2019)

WHO: Jason K. Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

HE SAYS: “When this one word, ‘alone,’ follows the other five Protestant distinctives—Scripture, faith, grace, Christ and the glory of God—each carries massive ramifications for theology, for the church and for your Christian life.”

THE BIG IDEA: Christians can experience a fuller life in light of the five solas because they are the core of the Protestant Reformation and are core to the gospel.

In this short book, general editor Jason Allen and contributors Jared C. Wilson, Jason G. Duesing, Mathew Barrett and Owen Strachan tackle explaining the five solas, devoting a chapter to each one: “Scripture Alone,” “Grace Alone,” “Faith Alone,” “Christ Alone” and “Glory to God Alone.”

“The solas establish our Christian life, and they chart it forward.”

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