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What Does It Mean to Love Your Neighbor?

One of the most disorienting things for many Christians in the West today is finding that they’re on the moral low ground in the eyes of their non-Christian friends and neighbors.

How Families Serve

It’s a great paradox—the way up is down. True greatness is expressed in serving, not in dominating.

How to Develop Fervency and Compassion in Your Prayer Life

I needed divine help to motivate my prayer life. I discovered that we must first confess the following truth, as unflattering as it is: “Lord, I confess that in and of myself, I do not really care about anybody but myself.”

Raising Children in Wisdom

If we agree that we want our children to accomplish their purposes and enjoy this full, abundant life, then the path of wisdom is the way. But what do I mean by wisdom?

How and When to Memorize Scripture

No matter what method you use for memorization—notecards, apps, the first letter method, writing or listening to the Word, or reciting it in the shower—repetition will be a necessary ingredient.

Who’s Following You?

Howard Hendricks was good at emphasizing the simplicity of the message he wanted to express. Jeanne, his wife, relates that he said all he wanted to do was “teach the Bible to men who lacked understanding.”

Begin With What You’ve Been Given

We all like the idea of a stronger, slimmer body, or becoming proficient in a skill, or building more effective habits for more sustained productivity. But no transformation happens without starting the painful work of exercising what’s weak and staying with it until it grows stronger.

Radical Theology

I have seen and heard firsthand that thousands have trouble seeing God as a loving Father because of deep wounds from their earthly father. Maybe that’s true for you as well.