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Outreach Magazine Names 2013 Outreach Resources of the Year

The 10th annual celebration of the best books and curricula in evangelism, missional living, cross-cultural ministry and much more.

When a Listening Ear Is More Healing Than a Spoken Truth

"People in pain are unlikely to hear unless they have first felt heard."

First, Lead Yourself

Leading others starts with having the self-discipline to lead yourself.

Are We Operating From Scarcity or Abundance?

Our understanding of God's kingdom and provision must shape our business practices.

Leadership: 13th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

Ryan T. Hartwig and Warren Bird: Five Disciplines of Collaborative Church Leadership

When Opposites Attack

"Ruptures happen when the sense of connection in a relationship is broken—like when an electrical pathway is short-circuited."

The Pursuit of a Different Kind of Happiness

The happiness the world encourages us to pursue is fleeting. It's time to seek a happiness that's not contingent on positive circumstances.

Tyler Reagin: The Life-Giving Leader

Learning to Lead From Your Truest Self

Why We Should Be Intentional About Rest

God places a great deal of significance on rest, so much so that it was his first word to Adam and Eve.