Highway Media: What Is Community?

Man-on-the-street interview for sermon illustration or discussion starter.

This man-on-the-street video poses the question,
“What Is Community?”

“If you don’t have community,” says one respondent, “you don’t really have anything. You don’t have fellowship, friendship or business. You are just broken.”

Synopsis: Man-on-the-street documentary on the subject of community. What is community? Is community important? How do you find community if you don’t have it?

Application: A wide variety of answers, but for the most part, community was of the utmost importance, even to folks who appeared to be homeless. If humankind was designed to live in community, how do we orchestrate our own communities?

Suggested Uses: A sermon on the importance of community. Discussion starter about what it means to be part of a community.

Runtime: 3:44

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