Film: Why the Puritan Movement Matters Now

Scheduled for release in early 2019, Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God is a new documentary backed by Reformed Heritage Books (RHB), Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and Media Gratiae.

“The reformers of the 16th century fought for the major pillars of the Christian faith, answering the basic question of how we can be truly saved and how we can live for God,” explains David Woollin, sales and marketing director of RHB and executive producer of Puritan. “It was then the Puritans of the following century took these core truths and fleshed them out to apply to every area of life.

“The Puritans are colossuses in church history,” he continues. “Every Christian seeking to dig deeper into the riches of Scripture and the fullness of Christ would benefit by diligently and regularly soaking in their God-given wisdom. Yes, they were imperfect men of their time (just like we are), but they were seeking to live faithfully for their Lord and Savior through very difficult circumstances.”

Calling the film the definitive Puritan resource, Woollin explains today’s foremost Puritan scholars participated in the project, which will serve as an introductory on-ramp to the subject and period.

“This documentary takes us from the foundation of this movement, through the story and the spread, to its lasting and enduring legacy even today,” he says. “They changed the world, and their message should change you too.”

Visit to watch a short teaser trailer and an explanation of ancillary resources churches can use.

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