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Want to Boost Year-End Giving? Tell Stories.

Inspire your people by helping them get a glimpse of what your ministry is accomplishing.

How Can Churches Better Resource Their Mission?

Dave Ramsey: "If leaders practice incredible generosity, their influence will flow down to the people in the pews."

5 Tips for Handling Church Finances During a Crisis

Essential steps for securing your finances in this time of uncertainty

Seminars on Cutting College Costs Can Help Ease Stress for Parents, Teens

College counselors in high schools have a lot on their plates, why not bring experts in to your church to offer seminars on college planning?

Debunking 4 Myths About Housing Allowances

How to correctly calculate your housing allowance

Start Preparing for Tax Season Now

Make sure you've set your staff and contractors up to receive their Form 1040.

Tools for Outreach: Financial Services

These organizations, credit unions and resources will help your church and congregation get their finances in order.

New Initiative Provides Grants to Small Churches at Risk of Closing

The Churches Helping Churches Challenge aims to raise $500,000 to assist at-risk churches

Do You Need to Pay the Federal Parking Lot Tax?

Everything you need to know about the parking lot tax and whether your church needs to pay it.

Mosaix Teaches New Ways to Develop Revenue Streams for Churches

Mosaix launches a new interactive, digital training program with Church Economics & Entrepreneurship and OCEAN