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3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Church Funding Initiatives

Things to consider as you write your business plan and vision statement.

Navigating the Gray Areas of Church Finance

When it comes to church finances, there are countless gray areas. It's a good idea to get advice from an independent group.

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Church’s Lease or Mortgage

Advice for churches on how to approach your landlord

Church Leaders Pay off $1 Million in Debt

Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta practices getting out of debt as a form of stewardship.

Church Budgeting Book Free for Ministries

Advice for creating a strategy-driven budget.

The Art of Practicing Generosity

The code of generosity my family lives by.

Financial Management: The Church and the Support of Missions

There are various ways for a church to financially support its missionaries. Follow these essential guidelines for responsible financial management

4 Tips That Multiplied Our Outreach Fundraising

A few tips from a local businessman made all the difference in raising money for our $40,000 outreach effort.

10 Ways to Financially Prepare for 2021

Guidelines for church finances in the new year
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