Valerie West

Valerie West is the billing team lead in the StartCHURCH accounts receivable department.

Giving and Receipts: What You Need to Know

Ongoing donations are vital to most nonprofits, but it’s not always easy to get people to give to your cause, and it’s been challenging with the most recent financial challenges facing churches and ministries today.

3 Categories of Tax Forms Every Church Needs to Be Award Of

If you are wondering which tax forms your church or ministry needs to file to stay in compliance with the IRS, you’re not alone. Many pastors, ministry leaders and church administrators are simply unaware of all of the tax forms needed to stay compliant.

5 Myths About Ministers’ Taxes

What if you had more control over your tax outcome than you realized? It could mean the difference between owing taxes or receiving a refund.

Ordination Without Seminary?

Do you need a college degree to become an ordained pastor?