Power Up Your Ministry Financial Management

No matter where you are or what skills you have regarding finance management, here are a couple of tips for you to handle your ministry's finances with confidence.
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5 Characteristics Christian Leaders Should Model

Leaders must continue to learn and develop, and who better to learn from than Jesus?
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How to Measure Your Church’s Financial Health

When looking for a banker for your church, you are also looking for a strategic partner to keep you focused on your church vision.
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5 Myths About Ministers’ Taxes

What if you had more control over your tax outcome than you realized? It could mean the difference between owing taxes or receiving a refund.

Leading a Church During Times of Inflation

In any season, the proper stewardship of a church or ministry's finances can make or break that organization. However, during times of economic inflation, your congregation and church can be impacted in unique ways.
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What Churches Need to Know About Venmo, Paypal and Cash App Changes

A new tax law went into effect that requires third-party payment processors to report business transactions that meet certain new thresholds to the IRS.

A Powerful Tax Break for Pastors

Understanding how to use the housing allowance can save you thousands of dollars.
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3 Tips for Making Your Church’s 2022 Budget

Budgeting can be challenging. So how do you make sure that you prepare your ministry for the best possible start?
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Planning Your Church’s First-Year Budget

Financial do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re launching a new church.