minister's housing allowance

Debunking 4 Housing Allowance Myths

The minister's housing allowance is arguably one of the most advantageous benefits available to ministers—while also one of the most confusing. Let's talk about four common myths, and...
online church IRS compliant

Is Your Online Church IRS Compliant?

Like your physical church, what your ministry does online is held accountable to the IRS.

5 Ways to Work With a Tight Church Budget

Easing the stress of finances during lean times

5 Designated Giving Mistakes That Get Churches in Trouble

Don't let what's meant to be a blessing harm your church.

2021 Mileage Reimbursement Updates

IRS guidelines for a new year

Guidelines for Paying Foreign Guest Speakers

How do you make sure they get paid and properly?

The Economic Fallout for Churches From 2020

Almost half of U.S. Protestant pastors (48%) say the current economy is negatively impacting their church, including 5% who say the impact is very negative.

10 Ways to Financially Prepare for 2021

Guidelines for church finances in the new year

Church Budgeting Book Free for Ministries

Advice for creating a strategy-driven budget.

Mosaix Teaches New Ways to Develop Revenue Streams for Churches

Mosaix launches a new interactive, digital training program with Church Economics & Entrepreneurship and OCEAN
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