Amplify 2019 Reignites Urgency to Reach the World

Our world is in desperate need of the gospel.

Families are being torn apart, people are being marginalized, those in need are being turned away from refuge, Christians are holing up in their safety zones, contentious remarks overflow daily on social media, and all the while countless people, loved by God, are living without the hope of the gospel.

We must ask ourselves, “Are we living each day with an urgency of reaching our world for Christ as we have been commanded?” Or have our hearts grown dull, tired, overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems, and the great task before us?

This year’s theme, “Preoccupied by Love,” calls us to give up what holds us back for the sake of others. It calls us to sacrifice from a deep sense of urgency as we look at the world around us—broken, hurting and without the hope of a God who loves each person beyond measure.

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