Prophet of Purpose

Jeffrey L. Sheler: The Life of Rick Warren

Prophet of PurposeProphet of Purpose:
The Life of Rick Warren
By Jeffrey L. Sheler (Doubleday, 2009)
“’If Rick believes God is in it—a vision, a plan, a program—he will not let go of it even if there is no other reason, humanly speaking, to believe it’s going to work,’ says Glen Kreun, Saddleback’s chief administrative pastor and Warren’s longest-serving associate. ‘In the early years, people would say to him all the time, “You’ll never reach 20,000. You’ll never be able to afford 50 acres. What are you thinking?” But Rick doesn’t quit. And when you’re riding with somebody who is that positive, you can’t help but be positive.’ Warren’s faith has proved contagious, and out of it has sprung a church and a worldwide movement.” –Jeffrey L. Sheler, from the book

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