Leading Major Change in Your Ministry

Leading Major Change in Your Ministry
(B&H, 2018)

WHO: Jeff Iorg, president of Gateway Seminary.

HE SAYS: “God’s glory—achieved through advancing his kingdom—must be the ultimate end of every major change. Focus on the ultimate objective—people transformed into a diverse global community for God’s eternal companionship.”

THE BIG IDEA: Churches and ministries must undergo major change in order to fulfill their mission and God’s mission in the world today. But how you lead through changes will either strengthen or weaken the organization. The principles presented in this book will help equip leaders to get the job done.

The first section outlines foundational concepts to leading through changes in churches and ministries, including defining change, what it means to lead major change, the necessity of change, and diagnosing when to initiate a major change.
The second section outlines concepts leading major change and explains a six-fold model. Filled with illustrations from real-life ministry challenges, the insights are practical and helpful for the local church.

“Churches and organizations must change often or die—and without leaders willing to take risks and move forward, they will die.”

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Why are some key lessons you’ve learned by leading an organization through change?

Major change must be directed by God and clearly connected to accomplishing his mission. It requires initiative by the leader but is really accomplished by followers. Knowing the difference between change and transition is important, too—and managing them appropriately is essential.

What is one misconception about change you would like to see disappear?

That leading major change can be done without sacrifice. It always takes all we have in the moment to get the job done.

How have your experiences caused you to trust God more?

Leading change is about following God on a great adventure, more than making a strategic plan and executing it perfectly.