Joyfully Spreading the Word

Eds. Kathleen Nielson and Gloria Furman: Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Joyfully Spreading the Word
Sharing the Good News of Jesus
(Crossway, 2018)

WHO: Kathleen Nielson, senior adviser and book editor for The Gospel Coalition, and Gloria Furman, author of Glimpses of Grace.

THEY SAY: “We all need voices calling us to a gospel-centered outward focus. We need strong, Word-filled role models. And we need a sense of the urgency of this message.”

THE BIG IDEA: Theological reflections and real stories from women who are sharing the good news of Jesus wherever God has placed them to encourage women to spread the gospel.

Part 1, “Core Concerns,” contains essays by Becky Pippert, Megan Hill, Camille Hallstrom and Eowyn Stoddard on a few basics of evangelism.
Part 2, “Representative Contexts,” features chapters by Jamie Love, SharDavia Walker, Happy Khambule, Rosaria Butterfield and Gloria Furman that address specific groups and situations evangelism could take place, such as in the workplace and with LGBTQ friends.

“Although it is clearly the concern of the whole church, the subject of sharing the gospel is one that women will do well to consider deeply together.”

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