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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

The Cure for Comparison

It’s hard to throw stones if you’re busy washing feet.

New Small Group Resources

This year more than any other, gearing up for the fall small group season will look different for churches. As groups form to study God’s Word online...

Saturday: The Time In-Between

Excerpted from 'The Gravity of Joy' (Eerdmans)
an immense inheritance

An Immense Inheritance

Why do Christians care about love, mercy, and justice?

Peter Scazzero: Rediscovering Holistic Discipleship—Part 2

Embracing discipleship as Jesus intended it creates revolutionary change in all your relationships and all aspects of ministry.

How to Love for the Unloveable

We all need to feel the love and acceptance that flows from God's mercy for us to our mercy toward others.

Living Faithfully in Exile

For Christians in a post-Christian culture, the question is how we relate to the culture.

The Importance of Preaching the Theology of Suffering

God uses affliction as a loving tool to make us holy after the image of Christ.

The Good Thing About Pain

Pain is a signal that something's wrong, and it takes humility, honesty and hard work to address it.

Finding God Right Where You Are

God built us to make connections.