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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

A Contrarian’s Guide to Knowing God

Larry Osborne: Spirituality for the Rest of Us

Forgive Your Way to Freedom

Gil Mertz: Reconcile Your Past and Reclaim Your Future

Our Identity Is Tied to Worship

Who or what we worship defines who we are.

C.S. Lewis and the Rhetoric of Goodwill

C.S. Lewis found profound connections between Psalm 109 and Mary's Magnificat.

From Weakness to Strength

Scott Sauls: 8 Vulnerabilities That Can Bring Out the Best in Your Leadership

What Is the Gospel in Jesus’ Own Words?

The gospel has seven essential elements laid out most clearly in the words of Jesus in Mark's Gospel.

I Declare War … on Myself

Levi Lusko: The Battle With Yourself

Kevin Myers: Grown-Up Faith

The Big Picture for a Bigger Life

How Mindfulness Makes Us More Like Christ

Taking the time to notice the things that God notices.

Peter Scazzero: Rediscovering Holistic Discipleship—Part 2

Embracing discipleship as Jesus intended it creates revolutionary change in all your relationships and all aspects of ministry.