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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Why the Path to Transformation is Winding

At what level is your appetite for transformation and freedom.

3 Ways the Devil Tempts the American Church

If we're not careful, we'll be fooled by the schemes of the Devil.

God’s Presence in the Midst of Our Pain

Excerpted from 'Start Where you Are' (Baker Books)
eyes of your heart enlightened

Having the Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened

Excerpted from '21 Days of Deeper Prayer' (Zondervan)

Spiritual Gifts

Thomas Schreiner: What They Are and Why They Matter

Here in Spirit

Jonathan Dodson: Knowing the Spirit Who Creates, Sustains, and Transforms Everything

The Comforting Reality of God’s Providence

Even when we cannot see God at work in our world, he is sovereignly orchestrating everything.

When Ministry Wears You Out Learn to Lament

Instead of giving up, take your frustrations and complaints to God with this helpful prayer language.

They Prayed Away the Mosquitoes

When we pray for small things, we open ourselves up to more opportunities to be grateful.

Christianity’s Greatest Scandal

Christian hypocrisy and the gospel